Lifeprint is a social gamification and publishing app centered around users’ interests and passions. The platform design is to track and reward actions taken by individuals and teams. We created various user scenarios and a robust journey map where we were able to facilitate intricate tasks and workflows to make this product come to life. There is a wide range of challenges for everyone, even me—from photography to productivity, travel to technology, fashion to food. And with everything in one place, accomplishing goals has never been easier or more rewarding.

Challenge: was to enable customers to create personalized digital experiences tailored to their interests and passions. We started by making sure that the onboarding process was simple. Then, given the product’s highly personalized and customer-centric nature, Lifeprint wanted to ensure its app would keep customers actively engaged. After that, the users will be able to post validating stories, videos quickly, and images to share out with others.

Solution: We designed wireframes and prototypes using Material Design for both the home screen and our assigned features. These included Uploading, Library/Content, Analytics, Promotions, and Notifications. We relied on user testing and customer feedback to help craft the base for robust wireframes and unique designs, giving the user various styles and emotional reactions. The generated rapid customer insights influenced product development and guided us on user flow, navigation schemas, and UI product features.

Outcome: The team gathered feedback as often and quickly as needed, aligning with the development cycle, uncovering critical insights into how the product affected behavior, and identifying which features were (and were not) working. The studies helped generate maximum insights and became an integral part of Lifeprint’s development and release process, allowing the team to make iterative changes based on user reactions. The insights helped the team build better products based on a solid understanding of how people use them.